Visionary Trends – New Cd release

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New CD of film music production released on 2018-07-04 on by OpenSoundMusic. Now available worldwide.

Composers Miguel Fernandez & Fabio Armani (Otras Tierras).

Visionary Trends (Music for movie).


The Gardens of Babylon

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As a child somebody in family gave me a book with large, colorful drawings of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
I stayed in the memory one full page of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
They were built in the 6th century BC during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II for his beloved wife Amytis  who was daughter of the king of the Medes, to remember her the flowery mountains of his land, very different from the vast plains of Babylon.

These fell in the form of large terraces, had a wonderful and rich vegetation, and were located next to the palace of the King, by the river Euphrates. The common people had no access to these gardens but could admire them from outside the walls. From the highest terraces descended  water irrigating the lower levels. How this enormous amount of water came up and transported from the river, fed all the terraces in a complex irrigation system is the result of the most contrasting theories.

Recently in the river, bare walls 25 meters thick could be staggered in terraces, as described by the Greek references. However, there is no evidence of this, on the numerous Babylonian documents of that period. Fruit of the fantasy or actually existed?

On my piece Gardens of Babylon from the Otras Tierras musical project I try to color with my guitar these wonderful gardens and reflect the chaotic life of the city of Babylon (Babel of biblical texts) of that time.

Beyond the Dunes

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Beyond the Dunes from “Cities of Dreams” album performed by Terre Differenti Ensemble.

Fabio Armani      piano, keyboards, sampling, percussion, programming
Miguel Fernandez      flamenco & fretless guitars, charango.

Otras Tierras new Cd – English presentation

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The music of Otras Tierras is an exploration of new aspects of flamenco and chill out music. On the wings of this strong moods the musical project has been conceived and developed by Fabio Armani and Miguel Fernandez, two composers of different belongings and musical culture.

Miguel is a flamenco guitar virtuoso of Argentine origins, that starting from the deep knowledge of the techniques and styles of the Flamenco tradition, composes and plays his innovative music.

The complementary aspect of Otras Tierras music is provided by the musical personality of  Fabio, more jazz and electronic oriented, in which the searching for new sounds and new forms of arrangement characterize the more innovative and modern side of the Ensemble.

This new CD, called OPEN DOORS, has been produced by the DIFFERENT LANDS label.

In the Open Doors  CD a set of new compositions is presented:

  1. Gardens of Babylon (4.39)
  2. Mystical Duende (4.41)
  3. Fuente Nueva (3.42)
  4. Water Cirrus (5.23)
  5. Open Doors (2.36)
  6. Cloud Forest (3.42)
  7. Dancing in Red Shadows (2.32)

The music of OTRAS TIERRAS is performed by the following musicians:

Fabio Armani      piano, keyboards, sampling, percussion, programming
Miguel Fernandez
     flamenco & fretless guitars, charango.
Luca Ciarla      violin, and electric violin
Abdalla Mohamed
     flutes & arabic percussion (riqq, darbukka, doholla, duff e sagat)
Flavio Ferrari      fretless bass

All tracks mixed and mastered at TANGRAM 7 Studio. All rights reserved.                                                                                                                  

Cloud Forest  performed by OTRAS TIERRAS

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